Facts About Our Work

The Facts and The Process.

Do you have questions about how the process works, what to expect or looking for answers to a commonly asked questions? Take a look below! If you don’t find the answer you are looking for contact us and we will be happy to help.

Facts About our Sealing:

1.  We do not guarantee crack filler.

 Cracks can be cause by a number of factors, including voids under the paved surface, these voids can cover large areas and run very deep, causing sealed cracks to reopen after they have been sealed. Therefore, we are unable to guarantee that sealed cracks will not reopen in the future depending on the severity of the factors causing the cracks and the level of traffic the paved surface is subjected to. 

If you choose to have cracks filled:

-Vegetation will be removed from them prior to filling to promote proper curing and adhesion.

-We ask that customers use a weed killer for at least 3 days prior to the start of work in order to discourage new growth which harms the curing process.

-All cracks 1/4″ or larger will be filled with a conventional fortified acrylic filler or hot filler. This does not include surface cracks or areas that resemble shattered glass.

-Filled cracks do not make cracks disappear, nor will they be flush with asphalt. Crack filler is darker than sealer so the cracks will appear like dark black rubbery lines where the cracks previously were.

-Crack filling helps prevent water and debris from making their way underneath the paved surface and causing more damage.

***PLEASE NOTE: crack filling is not guaranteed and is not covered by any sort of warranty due to factors that can cause cracks to reopen.***

2. New asphalt need 6 months to cure before sealing with emulsion based sealer can occur.

3. Asphalt sealer is brushed on. This gives you a much thicker coat than sealer coming out of a spray tip.

4. Rain only affects the application of asphalt sealer if it has not had the proper amount of time to tac dry and completely dry. We are cautious to not work if rain is expected and will contact you if we believe that rain will have an affect on our ability to properly seal your surfaces.

5. Vegetation is removed from the cracks prior to them being filled. We do ask that you use a weed killer 3 days prior to us coming to help with the process of curing this issue.

6. There may be sealer on the grass after we finish sealing your driveway.

Our people are instructed to step off on to the grass. To prevent any footprints on the sidewalk or other surfaces, there will also be a little sealer rolled over and off the sides of the driveway. Any sealer on grass should be gone once the area has been mowed once or twice.

7. We offer Oil Based Sealer in the fall months as the temperatures change and are typically lower than that of spring and summer.

The Process:

Step 1: Surface prep

The driveway is cleaned with brooms, shovels and powerful walk behind blowers.


Prior to the start of work it is recommended that any flowers, vines, grass, basketball hoops or other plants and obstacles are moved or trimmed back from the asphalt. We do not want to be responsible for any potential damage to your property or inadvertently kill or cut back anything to your dissatisfaction. If this is not done we will do our best to seal and clean around these obstacles. 

Step 2: Patch & Fill - offered at an additional cost on client request

All individual cracks 1/4″ or larger will be filled with conventional or hot filler. This does not
include surface cracks or areas that resemble shattered glass.
Please note that crack fill doesn’t make cracks disappear, nor will they be flush with the asphalt.
(Again there is no warranty or guarantee on crack filler and it is only preformed at customer request for an additional fee)


Step 3: Sealing

We will trim around obstacles using small brushes and once those obstacles are clear we will apply the remainder of the sealer with larger brushes.

Final Step: Curing

After the surface has been fully coated with sealer, and cracks have been filled if requested, we will rope off the end of the driveway or paved surface to the street so it may take the proper time to cure and adhere to the existing asphalt. Cure time can vary depending on the weather, temprature, humidity and other factors, we ask that clients refer to their sealing expert’s instructions for proper cure times at the time of service.


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